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The more things change….

Lessons for President Obama from FDR.


Independence Day Playlist

3flagsI bought a great set of speakers for my mp3 player so I’m ready for the patio picnic.  A nice set of oldies, classical, and cuts  that always make me smile.  Sorry, I am so not a country music fan, so none on the list.  Here are some of the tunes I’ll be playing while celebrating our collective birthday.   Let the celebration begin.

Ray Charles-America the Beautiful

Betty and Jon-A Change is Gonna Come

U2-4th of July

Elliott Smith-Independence Day

James Taylor-On the 4th of July

Simon and Garfunkel-America

Williams-Liberty Fanfare

Sousa-Stars and Stripes Forever

Copland-Fanfare for the Common Man

Copland-Simple Gifts

Neil Diamond-America

Grand Funk Railroad-American Band

James Brown-Living in America

Tom Petty-American Girl

Fifth Dimension-Save the Country

Jimi Hendrix-Star Spangled Banner

Senator Franken

This sums it up.

Robert Reich Explains Health Insurance Politics

robert-reichRobert Reich is a former Secretary of Labor, a political economist,  and currently a professer at the University of California.    He is easy to understand and lays it on the line about the current situation about health insurance and federal legislation.

Citizen involvement in politics is necessary more than every four years.  This is a critical issue for all of us.  You may not agree with Reich, but his voice is one that needs to be heard.  Contact you senators and representative and let them know how you feel.

Signs Along the Road-Oregon’s Highway 47

I’ve driven between McMinnville and Hillsboro,  Oregon many times.  Here are my favorite signs.

Not the house address I would want

Not the house address I would want

If you need cats, they got 'em!

If you need cats, they got 'em!

Not bad, not great, but pretty good grocery

Not bad, not great, but a pretty good grocery

You just never know when you need both at the same time.

You just never know when you need both at the same time.

Prop 8 Challenged in Federal Court Today

For the story including a video and pdf file outlining the challenge :


Repeal Prop 8

Repeal Prop 8.  n31656124683_5665Sign the pledge now.