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Prop 8 Challenged in Federal Court Today

For the story including a video and pdf file outlining the challenge :



Repeal Prop 8

Repeal Prop 8.  n31656124683_5665Sign the pledge now.

A Beautiful Song for a Beautiful Day

Stephen Colbert and Schools

stephencakethumb1Charles Best  had a column today on the Huffington Post about how Stephen Colbert has been putting the spotlight on DonorsChoose.Org , an online charity (founded by Best) that allows people to support individual school projects. 

 This year Colbert  is donating his birthday.  The concept is really funny and a great way to give to those who need so much. 

If you haven’t checked out this wonderful charity, do it today. Go Stephen.  Once again I am proud to be a citizen of the Colbert Nation.