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I Madonnari 2008

Another wonderful sidewalk chalk art show in San Luis Obispo this past weekend.  I never tire of watching the artists transform the blacktop around the mission into works of art.  People of all ages strolled and delighted in their surroundings. 

Two days watching the artists with side trips to local wineries, walks on the beach, visits from two out-of-town friends, and dinner at exceptional restaurants made for a glorious weekend.

 Here are some of my favorites….


Obama’s Economic Plan

The time before we vote is growing short.  If the crisis on Wall Street has your attention..
Obama’s economic speech

Obama’s detailed plans on the major issues.  

Besides the economy, take some time and look at all the issues.

Banned Books

“What traitors books can be! You think they’re backing you up, and they turn on you. Others can use them, too, and there you are, lost in the middle of the moor, in a great welter of nouns and verbs and adjectives.”
– Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Banned Books Week is September 27-October 4.  Get involved. 

Here is the ABC investigative report about book banning and Wasilla, Alaska:

The Day After Labor Day

Happy Day after Labor Day to all of America’s workers. 

Hurricane Gustav has done his worst.  Having been in NOLA only six months after Katrina, I feared for the city and the people in the path of yet another storm. I remember so vividly the faces of the teenage kids.  Lots of  old eyes in those fresh faces.  It was reassuring to see that all of the governments cooperated this time. 

Lots of email from friends about the choice of Sarah Palin as McCain’s vice president.  Usually  I don’t get too worked up about vice presidential choices, but….Sarah Palin?  It boggles the mind.  I guess John is a fan of the Broadway show, Gypsy.  “You gotta have a gimmick if you wanna have a chance!”  I wonder if Palin knows how to play the trumpet?

   It’s September and school is in….                                                 S-MomentScience2.gif