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California and Same Sex Marriages

I attended seven weddings this morning.  Today was the first day for same sex marriages in California.  A clergyman friend was going to the courthouse this morning to lend support for any couples choosing to marry today.   Since I also support the law, I went along.   Seven couples representing over 100 years of committment were married.  The average number of years was 17 per couple.  It was an historic morning.  The simple fact that these loving people can now legally be each other’s next of kin makes it all clear.   We blew bubbles, handed out roses, and offered wedding cake to each couple, and even sang a few songs.  We were thanked for our demonstration of love and acceptance.    I make no judgments.  My personal faith says God so loved the world, not just some of it.   Here is an open letter which states this position better than I.


Baby Anderson and Cheerios

My youngest grandson has found a place to store Cheerios for later snacking.

My Fair Lady

“Every duke and earl and peer is here.  Everyone who should be here is here.  What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle, the Ascot opening race.”   (My Fair Lady-Ascot-Gavotte)

I’m currently a cast member in a local production of “My Fair Lady.”  Never having done, the show, I decided to audition and here I am.  Why “My Fair Lady”?  It’s all about the Ascot hats!!!  Here’s mine sitting on my dressing table.  Such fun.