Al Gore and the Nobel Prize

1988nobel.jpg It was announced today that Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will share the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Nobel Peace Prize according to Alfred Nobel is to be awarded to the person who “shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding of peace congresses.”  Gore today reacted to the award:  “It is the most dangerous problem we have ever faced, but it is also the greatest opportunity we have ever had to make changes. This is a chance to elevate global consciousness about the challenges we now face.” 


al-gore-green-emmy1.jpgWe face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.”

 _42672375_goreoscar300pa1.jpg First appearing in an Oscar winning film, then an Emmy, and now the Nobel Prize.  Not a bad year.   Could the presidency be next?  The draft Gore movement is a really interesting example of grass roots politics.  dg_logo1.jpg

 Too bad my President doesn’t understand. Here are two of his statements about the environment.

bush_stupid1.jpg“In terms of the CO2 issue… we will not do anything that harms our economy. Because, first things first, are the people who live in America.”  Explaining who owns the rights to the Earth’s environment, Presidential press conference, Washington, D.C., Mar. 29, 2001

“We want to reduce greenhouse gases. Ours is a large economy. We used to generate more wealth than we are today. And as a result, we do contribute greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.” Huh?  Press conference with Tony Blair, London, England,, Jul. 19, 2001




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