Autumn is on the Way

It’s time to load up the old mp3 player with autumn songs.  I made a classical playlist and one for all other fall inspired music.  These are great for walking on cool evenings, sitting by the fireplace with a good book, driving through the mountains with the changing colors of the treesaspens-in-nm.jpg, or sitting at a vineyard sipping wine among the autumn-leaved grapevines.  My favorite vacations have always been at this time of year.  A special weekend in Santa Fe one October is especially memorable since the aspen trees were in full splendor.  An amazing performance by Andrea Bocelli to get you in the mood is on Youtube. Other Youtube clips are shown in the playlists. 

Classical Playlist (Listed by composer and missing some annotations here and there, but what the heck!) 

Jazz, Pop, Folk, New Age….(Listed by my favorite performances.  Can you imagine how many times “Autumn Leaves” has been recorded?  It is always a toss up between Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald for “Autumn in New York.”)


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